Fashion goes …….not to the gym with me!

Is it just me, or are the gym clothes getting shorter and shorter for women and especially for teenagers? They also seem not so sweat, nor have any difficulties to amend the gym machines and never ever get tangled up with their headphone cables. Personally, I think they get born these days with a headphone cable in their ears.

I am their very unfashionable friend! Wearing a t-shirt, which moved from the good pile of shirts, to the ‘still good enough to gym with’ t-shirts, my iPhone is in a crochet cover from my colleague and I don’t even dare to step on a treadmill with headphones in my ears! Oh, yes, and I also sweat – armpit sweat marks and red heat inclusive!

To be fair – if I was in their age now, I probably would be the exact same. However, nowadays, I go to the gym to SWEAT, to get rid of the daily frustration and stress, to challenge me, to stay fit & healthy. I lock my sense of fashion with my bag in the locker but I sure take it home!!! And let’s be honest, isn’t it more important on how awesome we all feel & look after the gym?