Personal training with success

Personal training with motivation and empathy: you want to lose weight? Want to get fit or remain fit and tone? You don’t get the results in a gym? I am here to help achieve what you want and train you wherever you are.

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Your Personal Training in Berlin Mitte

You like to train alone? Or maybe you prefer to train in a small group? Both options are available to you. You will find exactly the training you are looking for. Together we will be successful to get fit and happy.

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About Me

I am a licensed Personal Trainer, based in Berlin and originally from Hamburg, with stations in London, Dubai and Doha.

Growing up in Hamburg in the 80th and 90th, I have embraced the Aerobics era as a teenager (I lasted until the end 90th) I then ended up studying and working for many news channels in London, Dubai, Doha (where I discovered circuit training and boxing – my passion today) and Berlin. In 2016 I decided to start afresh and have established my business PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

My mission is to not chase the perfect body. My mission is to find a balance while enjoying life. I find ‘enjoying life’ is the most important aspect to a healthy lifestyle. So everything in moderation is a good start, yet don’t be too strict. I follow the idea of ‘enjoy your food and drinks and start finding a routine for your work out’. Live and love your edges and imperfections as they make who you are.

My certifications:

  • Teacher for fitness

  • Trainer Licence B

  • Sports Therapist

  • Nutrition

  • Weight training

  • Cardio training

  • Rehabilitation

  • Group training

Why personal training?

Because we focus on your needs. It’s effective and you won’t have to wait long for successful results:

  • Get fit

  • Tone your muscles

  • Reduce your stress levels

  • Get an energy boost

  • Reduce the risk of burn-out/depression

  • Improve your self confidence

  • Slows down the aging process




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The Studio

On 77m2 you can find everything needed for a good workout, whether it’s functional training, weight training or boxing. 2 changing rooms, showers and toilets including towel service round up the comfort of the studio.

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I am happy to help so please get in touch and let me know what I can do for you:

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You can find the studio conveniently located in Mitte in Scharnhorststrasse 26/27, 10115 Berlin.

  • Next U Bahn is Schwartzkopffstrasse
  • Tram Invalidenpark
  • Bus 120 Bundeswehrkrankenhaus
    or alternatively by car and bicycle