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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

To be naked or to not be naked? Sometimes I find being naked looks much sexier than wearing clothes. You can see your natural curves, your skin tone and all your lovely little flaws. Nothing gets compressed by your bra and knickers (and ok… gravity is a bitch).

Unfortunately we are no hippies anymore and Woodstock was yesterday. We all know fine feathers make find birds.

After a nice shower you confidently walk to your wardrobe, a quick wink into the mirror a la Friends’ Joey Tribbiani’s ‘How YOU doin?’. You grab your jeans, sexy bra and knickers for special occasions only and you just feel amazing.

We manage to perform the perfected #soyouthinkyoucandance jeans juggle while using the proper breathing technique to finally close the button. These still stiff jeans make us do the robot walk to the mirror #R2D2sayshi, but we don’t care, we are pulling it off until . . .. judgemental bitches! hope dies last…usually in front of the mirror.. muffin top galore.

Yet you look in the mirror and say convincingly – what’s your problem? I got in, didn’t I? The mirror squirks at you… it seems to say: wait until you sit down… so time for #morewinelessfood

Carefully we start moving in front of the mirror, a gentle squat here and a leg stretch there, jeez, just let go!! Fuck the mirror- I am going out anyway. I am fabulous and you can kiss my ass. Now, that’s what we should be doing – but we don’t. We walk back, head down, to our wardrobe and change into something less fab and more comfortable. Why? Because we are too critical with ourselves and care too much what others would think about our style.

Feeling good = beauty = self-confidence = self love

Yes, it does not matter if it is baggy, a bit too short or too tight. You have to feel good about yourself. Who cares if it pinches? We have curves- show them, embrace them and love them. Tomorrow is a different day and you will feel different again. #selflove #loveyourself #curves #curvesrock #fuckthemirror