It is soo easy! Open Instagram – search something and within seconds I have thousands of short exercise clips. The sky is the limit, it is inside, outside, some are with equipment, some without, some with a partner, some not. You have a video, a description, you know the number of repetitions and it is 20 min long- max. Mostly perfectly executed by women with very small waists and big booties in tight leggings. How great is that?

Did it work for me? Nope. Why? I could not focus. I constantly drifted away, squeezed the workout somewhere in the day (mostly before work and after taking the dog out for a walk), and I basically just did it to say: I did something.

And then there is Pilates. Pilates is simple. There are 34 exercises only. Yes sure, there are lots of modifications and variations. However, I can decide on the flow, I can make it longer, shorter, intense or moderate – just the way I feel that day. Pilates is less quantities (repetitions) but big on quality (execution)! Centre, Concentrate and breath!

I think these are the keys for a satisfying workout (and that can be any of your choice): Centre yourself, be present, listen to your body, concentrate and breathe! But don’t forget to push yourself πŸ˜‰

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